Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is there something wrong with what I do?

Between the blatant Sexualization of children by Madison Avenue types and the arrest of the "hot to trot" hockey mom, I'm confused about any one seeing anything wrong in what I do.

I know I'm a homosexual which is not against the law.  I've been accused of having low morals but, just like being "stupid" or "ugly", that is also not against the law.  I cross dress and wear make up so I present as a slut, I don't believe that's against the law.  I do these things so I might engage in NSA sex with as many men as I can and, surprisingly, that is not against many laws any longer.

If a TG/TS or GG wants to play some elaborate "hard to get" game so be it.  I won't do that and I don't do that, just that simple.

As for the hot to trot hockey mom, I wouldn't want to be in her heels.  Giving liquor to a minor is against the law and it's a huge "no-no" in this society, but having sex with a minor is far worse!  Both have established laws prohibiting exactly that from happening.

I'm an adult homosexual man in a dress behaving naughty for another adult man.  Sometimes we're in some dim lit or dirty place and we both take a chance that we'll be seen.  But at least we're both consenting and both adults!

To avoid being charged as a prostitute I simply don't solicit, period!

To enhance the idea that a man can sexually score with me without me saying anything, however, I feel I must wear short skirts, bright panties out side of my modified pantyhose, allow plenty of "accidental" up-skirt looks, wear the highest heels I can still walk in, a bit too much make up and all but drench myself in perfume. 

Oh yeah, I never say no.

Seriously, let's face it, most men love to get a free blow job and they'll usually take it if one is offered.  Unless you're so inept that your teeth are constantly in contact with his penis most blow jobs, good and bad, end the same way.  Bill and Monica did it in the Oval Office for cryin' out loud, so it's fairly natural, pretty common and it really is no big deal!

Every time I'm approached I tell the guy exactly what I am as soon as practical, in this way I avoid complications.  If he accepts me we begin the dance of small talk.  During our talk I make it a point to bluntly, and quietly, tell him I'll let him use my mouth like a pussy.  At that point he usually doesn't care what I am.

After he's done with me I always tell him thanks.

So what?


  1. "so I might engage in NSA sex with as many men as I can "

    You engage in National Security Agency sex? Kinky....