Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is there something wrong with what I do?

Between the blatant Sexualization of children by Madison Avenue types and the arrest of the "hot to trot" hockey mom, I'm confused about any one seeing anything wrong in what I do.

I know I'm a homosexual which is not against the law.  I've been accused of having low morals but, just like being "stupid" or "ugly", that is also not against the law.  I cross dress and wear make up so I present as a slut, I don't believe that's against the law.  I do these things so I might engage in NSA sex with as many men as I can and, surprisingly, that is not against many laws any longer.

If a TG/TS or GG wants to play some elaborate "hard to get" game so be it.  I won't do that and I don't do that, just that simple.

As for the hot to trot hockey mom, I wouldn't want to be in her heels.  Giving liquor to a minor is against the law and it's a huge "no-no" in this society, but having sex with a minor is far worse!  Both have established laws prohibiting exactly that from happening.

I'm an adult homosexual man in a dress behaving naughty for another adult man.  Sometimes we're in some dim lit or dirty place and we both take a chance that we'll be seen.  But at least we're both consenting and both adults!

To avoid being charged as a prostitute I simply don't solicit, period!

To enhance the idea that a man can sexually score with me without me saying anything, however, I feel I must wear short skirts, bright panties out side of my modified pantyhose, allow plenty of "accidental" up-skirt looks, wear the highest heels I can still walk in, a bit too much make up and all but drench myself in perfume. 

Oh yeah, I never say no.

Seriously, let's face it, most men love to get a free blow job and they'll usually take it if one is offered.  Unless you're so inept that your teeth are constantly in contact with his penis most blow jobs, good and bad, end the same way.  Bill and Monica did it in the Oval Office for cryin' out loud, so it's fairly natural, pretty common and it really is no big deal!

Every time I'm approached I tell the guy exactly what I am as soon as practical, in this way I avoid complications.  If he accepts me we begin the dance of small talk.  During our talk I make it a point to bluntly, and quietly, tell him I'll let him use my mouth like a pussy.  At that point he usually doesn't care what I am.

After he's done with me I always tell him thanks.

So what?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I just read a most excellent blog featured on T-Central

My story, however, is not exactly like that one.  While I admit up-front to having attempted to take my own life many times, I failed.  Like so many others, I even tried to go “straight” for the sake of my biological family and society.

I failed there as well ... miserably!

I’m not saying we do not have choices but, and it might very well just be my own thinking but, I feel I never had the luxury of a real choice.  In my mind I was simply born a certain way and that was the card I was dealt.  I’m sure you’re well aware of the cliche; born a girl in some boys body, but that’s the way I felt.  That was the way I was.

Society just so happens to preserve the notion that I, and people like me, will never - that’s an absolute, I know - ever have any kind of choice.  It comes down to us, or me, against societal thoughts and impressions.  A tall order to be sure, not to mention a rough row.

I do have confidence, I’ve been told I pass and I know I’m not alone.  I've had plenty of dates and I've joined a number of support groups and thank my lucky stars they’re there.  Unfortunately, my dates don't always call me back (regardless of how it goes for them!) and the support groups do me no good when I wish to be a female in public.

The most casual act of grocery shopping as a female sometimes let’s me be seen as just another queer wearing make up, a dress and heels.  I always get a few casual looks, even the check out boy or girl always smiles hard at me.  Sometimes I get a few snickers or an out loud laugh along with some finger pointing, but always I’m talked about, usually in whispers.

In fairness, I can make it so when most people look at me they’re not all that sure of what they see!

The love from my children is not forthcoming in any way, they are products of a shared parenting life and one of us critically hates what I am.  It would seem that while it’s OK to be gay today, it’s not OK if we’re talking about your man and he also insists that he wears make up and a dress!

I managed to hold onto a bit of my retirement, my ex-wife took most of it in alimony during the divorce.  A double edged sword is the fact that my children do not know why I left home.  When I asked them (I was in male drab of course) they told me they were simply told I abandoned them.  Nice! 

Apparently, I was not worth the effort to even make up a story about different ideals, conflicting political views, or even simple unexplained irreconcilable differences.  In my mind, anything would’ve been preferable to plain abandonment.  Again this was the card I was dealt.

Today, I’m a totally uninhibited woman, the life I led has been a huge help to me in that way.

And yes, I have sex with any man who remotely looks at me in that “special” way.  My life insurance is up to date and my kids are the annotated beneficiaries.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Do Men Like To Hear?

I read this article the other day entitled, “What Do Men Like To Hear?”  It was posted on June 24, 2011, by YML Staff.  One of the commentors to the article mentioned what happened to spell-check?  Lmao, as I read on I wondered the same thing!  And to think this person gets paid to write.  But I don’t wish to cast aspersions, I don't wish to insult, and I digress.

I realize the fact that a man wants his woman to see all of his good parts and appreciate him for them.  If your date is a true loser and really far from being intelligent, praise and appreciate him for his one manly quality, his cock.  Regardless if he makes lots of mistakes or has no redeeming graces, there is no limit to encouraging a man. 

Tell him lies if need be, we all have flaws. 

If you’re approached by a total ‘loser’ who is berating you at the top of his lungs, tell management or simply leave.  He’ll find someone who will appreciate him for the qualities he has.  If you can’t say he’s a good person, then he probably isn’t. 

Usually praising any guy positively impacts on his ego.  We’re the person he’s asking to give him sex and I think we should simply as a form of encouragement for both of us.  Besides, if we don’t do it there’s usually another T-girl who will, and she might even enjoy being humiliated and dis-respected in public.  He’s the superior to her inferior.  You control how to live your life, you decide what you’re willing to put up with and what your not.  Hold on to that thought!

I also read the book, “The Surrendered Wife” by Laura Doyle, and it’s well worth the read.  You’ll quickly find out how and why men behave the way they do and learn how to stop it, if you wish.  While the book presents many insights about how to obtain the intimacy you crave, it can also be a guide for bed-hopping Transvestites. 

Not once does it talk about the woman as deserving any respect or encouragement.

It’s seems very controversial but claims to have transformed thousands of relationships, bringing women romance and intimacy.  Just like millions of women, Transvestites want there situation to be better also.  But, as Laura Doyle writes, she tried to get her husband to be more romantic, helpful and ambitious, he instead withdrew.  The result was she became lonely and exhausted, but, she admits, she was controlling everything.  Desperate to be in love with her man again, she decided to stop telling him what to do and how to do it.

Sound familiar?  Look as pretty as you can, be as feminine as possible and wait.

When she finally surrendered control she says something magical happened.  The union she always dreamed of reappeared and the man who had wooed her was back.

The underlying principle of The Surrendered Wife is simple:  The control women wield at work and with children must be left at the front door of any relationship in order to gain sexual intimacy.  The only difference here is that Transvestites usually use back doors!

The Surrendered Wife is a step-by-step guide that teaches women how to give up unnecessary control and responsibility.  How to express their needs while respecting their husband's choices.  How to resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss their husbands and comply with him in every aspect of the marriage - from sexual demands to financial needs ... and maybe a little more.

Transvestites don’t usually expect to find husbands, they usually take great pains to simply look passable and get sexed.   A Long Term Relationship (LTR) can be quite nice to land of course. 

A man does not need to show and give me respect no matter what.  Just let me get him hard once in a while and take his climax, it pays off very well in the end.  Ironically, the bible say’s there’s power in my tongue.  If they only knew just how much!

It’s easy to make a man fall in love with you: just say, “Its not yours” or “I think we should date other people” or “No matter what happens, I won’t ask you for alimony.”  You might want to tell him these things as you hand him your panties.  We Transvestites usually just say; “I’ve got to go to the store to pick up more anal-eaze and the fridge is filled with Coronas.”  Trust me, this will make you golden.

This is a very old joke but it fits this situation:
I came into a new company as a director and had to fill an open position.  One individual who was to report to me had been kicked around by people for quite a while, he obviously had low self esteem.  He had a wife that would call him at work and yell at him for different things.  You could actually hear her yelling over the phone!  Well, I gave this guy some encouragement, I made him feel good about himself and then told him I knew he could do the job.  I gave it to him.  He became a superstar literally over night. 

Ladies, the things your men can do with merely guttural encouragement is absolutely significant.  I’m sure most women don’t do this for their husbands or boyfriends near enough and I have to admit, I like it that way.  It makes what I do as a low moral transvestite easier.

It’s really good for us to appreciate our men, even when they don’t possess the qualities we’d like, but there must be some unique thing in him.  Find that thing and use it to build up the other qualities.   You’ll have much success.

Many people tell me I have zero good qualities and I need to take a good hard look at myself.  The facts are, I’m going to keep on trolling and taking it as it comes.  I don’t see society changing in my lifetime and I think I do have good if not great qualities!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I want to keep a posting open

I want to thank all those who follow this blog, I'm sure there are other blogs much better suited to your interests!

Having said that, I merely wish to keep my blog open to let everyone know I'm still here!  I haven't given up on blogging, I just have so much conflict in my life as both a cross dresser and homosexual, I have trouble selecting the blogs I wish to publish.

I certainly don't want anyone to think too poorly of me but I confess my morals are low!  In many ways I feel society has caused me to have such low morals.  Society caused me to sneak about and pretend I was a woman and I've simply proven myself a woman to other males.  It is also due in part to this civil society that these same males, who are willing to have sexual favors done for them, do not wish to be seen with me in the daylight!  Imagine that!

Again, thank you all for reading!