Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanted to get this out before April Fool's

The biggest advantage for group membership is community.  I'm a gay man, married with children and I like to dress like a woman, including the make up and jewelry.  I also thoroughly enjoy behaving badly with men.  So, to be fair to me, I need my own place!  

Before becoming another closet queer, I decided I would not be a participant of any group and that had the uncanny ability for bringing lots of privacy to my particular situation.  I see no advantage in joining most groups and, in fact, I think in most cases it's absolutely wasteful unless you seek advocacy, approval, blessing, or some other support for your self.  If you just seek company, well I'm told misery loves company, but in all seriousness . . . .

As a "sister" I know my experience has always been about the sex only and I think it's only fair that most men I meet are cautious, especially about meeting a "tranny" for the first time sight unseen!  I like to think of them as simply being nervous because I'm also nervous about meeting them!  I’d point them to my web-page but, unfortunately, not everyone has a computer!  In most cases I think it’s safe to say he does not wish to get caught with me and he probably doesn’t want to be seen with me in public places where he’s well known either!

While there are men enough who admire us effeminate and accommodating man-tramps they usually don't want to be seen with one because they have a wife, children, a career or all of the above.  That being the case I try to make it easy for them by going for uncrowded neutral places or empty bars and, because it’s the first time we’re meeting, I let them know I’m not dressing like a whore!  If they’re nice to me I give them a pretty calling card with my name and number on the front and my mini-skirt picture on the back.  If they want a repeat, they can just call me, they can make an appointment, a kind of date with me.  These guys may be slow to respond to my emails and they may be nothing more than thrill seekers, but I'll take them in secret moments of lust any time!

I've met very good, and nice, men knowing they knew full well about me beforehand and only wanted me for a few moments of NSA sex.  I admit I sleep very well!  I've been both flattered and flabbergasted at some of the things they say to me, the demands they make on me, and the tips they give me!  Oh yes, they do tip!  That comes from people who care and understand that other people (even men who wear dresses and behave like naughty little girls!) actually work in the real world and have regular and usual expenses.  Yes, it’s true, we Transvestites also have other responsibilities.

So, as you can read, I’m not too thrilled about meeting with large numbers of people who don’t know me because that usually leads to rude and inconsiderate people saying all manner of things.  I’d simply rather avoid that scene.

The men I don’t care for are the never ending stream of “admirers” who are the ones who advertise in the "for free" papers and have on-line posts with unachievably high expectations.  They actually make me laugh despite the depth of their sadness.  They must think every T-girl is just sitting around their comfy apartment, dolled up looking like a professional (Ru Paul Drag Queen or a street walking whore!) just scanning the ads desperately seeking an opportunity to worship some guys manly parts.  NOT! 

They almost all say they prefer that the T-girl host the affair and this will be seen as mutual respect or discretion by them.  Please don't make me laugh so hard!  Those types of guys will NEVER get as much as the correct time of day from a “tranny” like me!  I simply see their ads as a complete waste of my talent and my effort, but if that's what they want, that's what they’ll get!

Happy April Fools Day!!

My number of posts

On my DASHBOARD it shows I've made 5 blogs but only two show.  The "hidden" blogs don't show a side of me any different from what I already admit to being, which is a T-girl in a closet.  Some people have said I'm just a queer who likes to wear dresses and that usually opens up a whole seperate set of issues.  Maybe they're right in the long run and who am I to say their not?  My point here is that I would not be ashamed by any of the unseen blogs.

As to what I am, yes, I felate men to climax and enjoy doing that.  I've been doing that most of my life.  Apparently, I'm the kind of male who simply loves the taste of another man's semen and just happens to get a little giddy and much happiness in the process!  Because I feel it's a gift I can not help myself but to fervently enjoy swallowing it.  But I won't go so far as to call it a God-like infusion like so many men want me to!

I don't have any explanation as to why I feel this way, I just know it has been my life since I was 9 years old.  It's the way my life unfolded and I didn't resist it, in fact, I was quite open and willing to accept it!

If you suspect a particular which may have allowed me to grow and accept myself, please let me know about it!  I will be forever in your debt.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why do I read the news?

I read yet another story about an under aged girl who was with an older, married man.  Apparently they were having sex for an untold period of time.  Gee, I can't imagine why a grown man would want to have sex with a young girl, lmfao!

This kind of story is actually becoming quite common.  Seems most girls, regardless of their age, (under aged in this case) prefer older men for sex.  Can they not find boys their own age?  I hope the jail time and fines this guy ends up getting, not to mention the ruination of his life and living, were worth it!

I do not claim to know all the details but, when it comes to this, why does our society seem to only punish the men?  I would love to hear some of your opinions!

If I could have only one wish I would only change two things, it would be to know what I know now and to be young again! 

It sucks (or doesn't) to grow old!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I found this interesting

I read about this group on-line.  The similarities were so bizarre and disturbing to me I almost went into shock!  This group only validates my belief that all humans seek something better than themselves.  The article was stamped by CNN and the group hails from Florida.

They asked,  If you thought you had less than three perfectly healthy months to live, what would you do?  These are the options offered,
1, Would you travel?
2, Spend time with loved ones?
3, Appreciate the joy life has given you?
Would you ditch your kids and grand-kids, join strangers in a caravan of RVs and travel the country warning people about the end of the world?

Interesting choices!  Apparently the alternative option is not so alien to these folks.

I think what they’re saying is kind of foolish because we’ve all heard things like this said before.  End of the World, Doomsday Cometh, predictions of Armageddon, etcetera.  While their timing is suspect to me, it is nevertheless quite uncanny.  Their story, and the web page which tells their story, is rather extensive but contains a curious justification that sounds exactly like the mind set we trans-sexual people have been forced to live with and grow through our entire lives!

While, these “Ambassadors”freely walked away from work, families and communities in places like California, Kansas, Utah and New Jersey, trans-persons may have come from those exact same places but they didn’t have those exact options.  While these Ambassadors gave away cars, pets, music collections and more to relatives, friends and neighbors, many trans-persons, again, simply didn’t have those options.

Some of us, literally, had to run away in order to survive.  No doubt we all have unique stories to tell.  No one was listening to us at home and, of those who did, they seemed to be against us anyway!  These Ambassadors simply kicked many items to the curb and left many more items in their homes until, of course, they're claimed by someone else.  Does any of this sound eerily familiar?  On a much smaller scale it does to me!

Maybe it’s time for us to begin thinking we’ve been chosen.  We, like so many others, simply have to pay an exacting price to make it all happen and we all pay that price in one way or another!  Whomever we’ve been chosen by, these Ambassadors claim God, we need to accept the fact that he, or she, is not always nice.  Just like God.

If you like you can read the whole article at;