Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comments in response to a question got me thinking.

The question is/was, Is rape wrong?  While I feel rape ought not be done to anyone, I know it happens all the time.  I've even been a victim of it .. twice!

I have to ask, is it merely biology turned on?  Is it done to relieve stress?  Does it have anything to do with raging hormones?  Does the use of drugs and alcohol enhance the act for either a male or a female?  As you can see I have many questions!

As background and at the risk of TMI, I've sucked many men to climax while they've been doing lines of coke and drinking heavily, that didn't stop them from enjoying what I was doing!  And I don't need either to do it, just their permission.

IMO, the level of personal maturity and pure curiosity, especially at a young age for both males and females, plays a large and significant role.  Add drugs and alcohol into the mix and the outcome can be either disastrous or pleasant depending on you and your feelings.  Politics has nothing to do with this and neither, IMO, does responsibility.  I feel you can legislate and teach what you will, both right and wrong (especially to young people) and in the end curiosity and desire will win out every time!  We are, after all, only human.

Sadly, the only way to stop our suffering is to change or bring an end to societal thoughts about us.  Sadly also, is adults (seemingly responsible, usually educated) will do whatever they can to frame any act of any under aged person (seemingly immature) as simple innocence or folly and down-play or discount most outcomes as a result.  Rape and shootings of course happen, probably more than we care to know, but these things can be either planned or sporadic.  To be sure both have consequences and both have ripple effects.  Cross dressing obviously is not exempt!

So, where does that place the cross dresser?  I've been chastised and tossed out by my own family and raped and beaten, but thankfully not shot, just because I decided to wear a dress.  While I can't answer that question, I know it's senseless!  For the most part, people will use a system they created to prosecute those who they feel do not comply, that system was NOT created by the victims!  Again, we are merely human (supposedly older and wiser) yet by no means do we have all the answers for every situation.  We simply pick and choose according to our own feelings regarding all matters including cross dressing.  This is especially true for cross sexed persons.  Frustrating to say the least.

This following statement is from the UK Home Office where it is commonly believed, "Drugs destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities and this is why we believe they must remain illegal,"  They add, "Decriminalisation is not the answer."  That sounds honest but Guatemala disagrees.  Cross dressing is rarely addressed in either culture, so, are we really the problem then?  I think not but society seems to disagree with me!  What difference does it make if I choose to wear a dress and be naughty for men?  The problems of the world do not rest upon me!  Unequal amounts of positive lip-service is paid to all cross dressers but the problem of discrimination and hatred goes on, nothing truly changes.

International agreements AGAINST the illegal drug trade, especially in regard to addictive narcotics, date back to 1912 and are well documented.  The United Nations estimates that there are 230 million drug users globally, and the annual trade in illegal drugs is worth an estimated $330bn US dollars.  The lion's share of that expenditure is in Western countries by the way, not where the drugs are grown and processed!  An interesting tid-bit.

According to a Central American prison director, Azalia Lopez, "Drug dealers and drug traffickers are not evil people.  They are in it for the money."  He also notes the drug dealers and drug traffickers can be reformed, but my question is, Do they need to be? 

According to this society they do!  But the same is thought about cross dressers!

The organization Save the Children says, increasing numbers of children in Syria are being recruited by armed groups on both sides of the conflict.  Both sides!  Children are being used as porters, guards, informers, fighters and, in some cases, human shields.  All these children have seen the devastation of war first hand and it is claimed some two million children are in need of assistance in Syria alone.  Not much is done about that.  Guess there's no money in it.

Mahatma Gandi once said, "Be the change you want to see."
I say, Be the kind of woman YOU want to be!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lech Walesa said ....

I just read this on-line and had to comment on it.  Lech Walesa said, "A minority should not impose itself on the majority,".  Sounds like good advice but ... IMO, neither ought a majority impose itself on a minority!

We cross dressers who are a clear minority in my mind, often get killed and hardly no-one is taken to task over that most dastardly and terminal crime.  Many do not pay more than mere lip service to it, after all, it is fairly commonly known that we, especially male to female trannies (he-shes), were asking for it!  Speaking for myself, I only dress this way behind closed doors!

You can read the full article here,

The posted replies were obviously in full support of his statement, which is kind of telling.  There were few, if any, call outs for his bias and except from those in the article, society generally makes many in-roads to accept us as is while the "other" side of society has another image of us!

Given the hidden nature of this "polite and civil society" (which is quite secretive and very private) it's little wonder I turned out as I have.  Growing up and being a closeted gay, (a queer to most) many males have told me to suck their cock or take a beating!  Simple.  These males didn't like me much but they expected nothing less from me and I simply accepted having low morals.  What can I say, I guess I'm an honest tramp!  And yes, I dress like a woman and I've sucked many cocks and swallowed or worn many male's semen on my made up face.  For the most part, most guys seemed to enjoy it.  For the record, so did, and still do, I.

Granted, sometimes I wanted fervently to do exactly that to a man, especially when I was younger and just learning about myself, but I had no clue it would lead me to what I am today.  Most males (admires), to put it bluntly, only expect one thing from me and today I'm hopelessly addicted to it all!  I willingly set myself up to look the part of a whore for them, I sometimes go out afterward, and I often allow men to command me to do it for them merely because I'm a male who thinks and feels female!

Oh yeah, I've been "trained" by males most of my young life but I'm not saying that being "trained" by men makes me guiltless.  I can only imagine what the alternative might have been like!  I'm not even all that sad, I only mention males training me because it just became another part of my reality and it enhanced me.  I've taken my training fully voluntarily and told I took it very well!

Being a T-woman (for me) simply means playing a sexual role for a man, I do not see myself as a threat!  I have serious doubts I will ever change and I know where semen comes from, I merely want it.

Be the kind of woman YOU want to be!