Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bitch Test

I took this test and scored 94!  I’m a minor bitch. 

According to this test I’m actually a non-bitch.  My kind nature breeds jealousy throughout the real bitches that surround me.  I often wonder why I’m unhappy about how my relationships are going, and I think that by giving all of the time things could go my way.  Sometimes, a little selfishness is warranted.

I’m too easy-going and too much of a push over to succeed in business.  My focus on pleasing everyone makes me ineffective when any conflict arises.  This test tells me it’s OK to show my claws once in a while.

I show appreciation toward others by being courteous.  I know how to accurately read people’s feelings but will occasionally drop a few off-handed remarks to validate my own point. 

After my partner has finished with me and turned over to sleep, I often find myself sexually unsatisfied but I’m emotionally fulfilled knowing that I’ve made him very happy.  According to the test, it’s not considered bitchy to discuss needs with a partner but he’ll never hear about it from me.

The friendships that I’ve created are true friends that will always be there for me.  The high regard I have for my friends is usually reciprocated and my friends are honored to know such a wonderful person as myself.

When I date, I should find men who are much more receptive to me as a person.  People with a low bitch score, like mine, are usually the most welcoming and compliant. 

My answers resulted in my being spotlighted or focused into the following category;
  I have a Pre-disposition.

My predisposition is that my being a bitch is influenced by my date of birth and the day of the week on which I was born.  In Numerology this equals a life-path number of Five, or Restless.  Fives are constantly looking for new opportunities and although I’m not considered bitchy, my tendency to get bored easily makes me unstable in relationships. 


The day of the week I was born also has influence and was a Wednesday, the Day of Odin.  People born on a Wednesday have a tendency to sabotage relationships even if they are going well. 

All I can think of to say is wow!

Among widely adopted western astrological terms my star-sign is Scorpio.  Everyone accepts the fact Scorpions are jealous, resentful, and obstinate.  Potentially we are very bitchy and we’re very sneaky.

Why, oh why, can’t I get a break?  It goes deeper still!

In Chinese astrology my symbol is the Tiger.  Tigers are very dominant and if not tempered with compassion for others, can come across as bitchy.

In Treeology, the relationship of tree characteristics to personal traits, my title is the Cypress Tree, the Faithful.  This status is most interesting.  Apparently, I’m extremely needy and quick-tempered, which makes me an extremely passionate lover and an extremely careless companion.  In truth, it’s not that I play around, I only do what men tell me to do!

I’m quite content with life as long as I have at least one attention giving spectator, regardless of how long that lasts!

I think this explains why I have low morals!

The data on this page is presented within the context of the Bitch Test quiz and should be reviewed with that in mind.  Please remember that this site is for entertainment purposes only and, by it's very nature, somewhat negative in comment and content.  The content on this page is based upon the answers and information supplied by you.

Till they said that, they had me almost believing this!

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