Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What man doesn't like a free blow job?

I've taken the liberty of not including who the following letter is addressed to or who the letter is from.  I've also noticed a very similar thing.

"I've been to Ulta at Westgate several times now as well as Dillard's at Great Northern and they've always treated me well. I've yet to ask about a makeover at either one but the general consensus is that if you're going to drop some money most sales people simply see you as a potential sale and will act accordingly being polite & professional. This has been my personal experience as well.

The Ulta folks will also be happy to set you up with their "Club" card (their version of a rewards card) and a monthly newsletter highlighting upcoming featured products & services (if you don't mind the newsletter coming in your mail).

With all the businesses I go to "en femme" I'm usually casually dressed in jeans & a top and makeup. I go in with my "hey, this is just me" attitude. I make good eye contact, I'm friendly and polite and so far I've gotten treated with the same courtesy and respect given to any other customer... sometimes even more.

Be confidant, be yourself & enjoy the ride!
Sincerely, __ __ ;) winking"

The same can be said of a not-so-passable man wearing a fitted mini-skirt and high heels who is sitting in a dimly lit bar or club (gay bars or clubs are best!) and lets it be known that "he" is obviously very willing to suck a cock!  Most men become admires of us T-girls and all admires will be nice to you!  Especially if they think they know why you're there!  To remove any and all questions, I merely tell them what I am and why I'm there up front.

I can't think of a man, married or not, who will walk away from a so-so but free blow job or free anal sex!  Enjoy the ride, girls, life is too short not to!