Saturday, March 24, 2012

We just like how it looks on us!

Never mind the Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardasians, or the other myriad of sexy women around, I ask, why do I enjoy dressing the same way they do?  Sometimes it boils down to, "We just like how it looks on us!"

Take a moment and look at how many real women who are old enough to know better but who still follow the "trends" and try to dress as if they're still their daughter's age.  There's even a word to describe them, Cougars.  It's not just my opinion that these "cougars" are simply looking for Mr Right-now and are not at all interested in finding Mr Right, it's the attitude of most men and women of society and it's very acceptable.

Agree or don't, these cougars also send the message to their teenage girls that they have to be "hot" in order to be accepted.  As a male to female transvestite I also have an affinity for men, ergo, I firmly don't believe I'm so different from those teenage girls, but because of my biological sex I do fit in a whole other category.

In reality, teen girls aren't so much the problem as the 40 and 50-somethings out there.  These cougars cut just as deeply as anyone, maybe even deeper!  While it's my opinion the cougars simply refuse to act their age, asking the question "why" begets a much larger more comprehensive issue, and it's much the same as mine.

It is a little accepted fact that teenage girls don't frequent the same clubs or bars that I do which leaves cougars, as well as other T-girls, in direct competition for cock with me!  Some of these older women are so desperately hoping for sex with a guy they dress and act in ways that make them look inappropriate (cheap) and behave foolishly (again cheap!)  I may come across as condescending but I take many of my cues directly from them!  Cougars are my best teachers.

No one is suggesting Cougars simply accept the fact most guys are not interested in them in any way other than as an NSA sex partner, I know I'm certainly hoping that's the case with regard to myself!

As for not being able to find "sexy" clothing in the regular stores which are age appropriate, may I suggest the thrift shops?  I use thrift shops and I sew.  There are many ways to be fashionable and still remain modest ... if modest is how you wish to be seen!  When I go out "hunting" for man-sex, modesty is the farthest thing from my mind!

Do some women flaunt their sex?  Are you blind?  Allow me to share.

When we were kids (back in 1960) we might leave the house looking one particular way and then change into something more "edgy" long before the school bus arrived.  I was very impressed by the girls because they left home with a fresh clean face and the usual long skirt.  Then they added the makeup, maybe added some toilet tissue to their bras and unbuttoned their blouses down to here, they also rolled up their skirts!  Ms. Hottie emerged!  It was a slut look that both the girls and the boys liked very much.  It was no wonder the girls became very popular with the boys! 

As a gay boy, I quickly learned that what you did was not nearly as important as image.  Image was everything!  In fact, it was my image which saved me a lot of ass kicking!

With Madison Avenue out and about women are simply pretty, crafty, and feel they absolutely MUST keep up with their peers.  It is argued that I chose my sex identification but I think I merely grew up like a sponge.  I simply didn't take long to learn.

In my humble opinion society is the one confused.

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