Sunday, March 4, 2012

A very TOPICAL topic!

Somewhat in vouge, too!

I recently read someplace a post which made me think about conversations I had with GG's which included fellatio and anal sex.  When I think back on those conversations they were fraught with conflict and almost bordered on hostility.

One particular woman (she was from Canada, a painter artist type, and lived on a sailboat) who I felt I could confess to said, maybe I was enjoying being a woman too much!  She told me to be careful.  Then in a very graphic manner admonished me NOT to tell her husband!  Could it be that women didn’t really accept me, but paid lip-service to my situation, simply because I was neither a real woman or a real man?

Wow!  Another question to ponder!

Many conversations took place but I’ve never understood how almost all GG’s say it's OK for a man to be gay, yet, they resist their own man when he wants a little quick oral or some meaningless anal sex.  Allowing him to cross dress and act out as a homosexual is absolutely forbidden.

I did not ask them, what their preference was!

Almost to a woman they told me they only did it because he wanted it.  They said they only saw oral and anal sex as a means to get something really nice from him later in exchange, one woman mentioned a diamond necklace!  They all made it a very strong point to remind me they were real women and didn’t do that just for kicks!  A few even said it was kind of ghetto and a bit disgusting.

It must have been him that wanted anal and oral sex as part of their bedroom routine.  Which is to say, he did, but she didn’t!  That difference could lead to conflict and divorce.  It certainly explained to me why I, as a T-girl, met so many married men.  They apparently enjoyed anal and oral sex but they didn’t get it at home!

I was not so surprised to learn most women do it as an obligation only.  Many GG's do as their man tells them, but don't we all?  GG's have told me they view anal and oral sex as merely another form of birth control.  While they admit to using their mouths, which some have claimed is done as much as three times per day, most say they don't like giving head as a substitute for regular sex.

Speaking for myself, giving my LTR guy a blow job three times a day was great!  Giving three different STD free guys blow jobs in the course of a single day was my idea of heaven!

GG’s also related to me that gay females can simply use a dildo to sexually satisfy their partner using her vagina.  Some have also told me, laughingly, that 'if' they were gay, they’d use the double ended dildos!  I guess GG’s are not so different from the rest of us humans!

During these conversations, they've also told me they feel sorry for a gay man like me because we’re severely limited.  We male gays are relegated and must use only what we have depending what the guy is into.  Although I'd never say it, personally, I see him as just being into me for the moment!  lol!

I think doing what the guy wants is a normal part of being a femme.  As a T-girl, I think of oral or anal sex as anything but humiliating.  During my life I’ve given head and took it up my back-side a few times while in front of large, bare, apartment windows, knowing we were being watched via telescopes, simply because he said he wanted me that way. 

Many trysts were performed in full view of the neighbors and they rarely said anything to either of us but they always watched!  Yes, as I left the place I often got more than a few looks.  That didn’t matter to me because I was secure in knowing I also got the customary semen, which I see as another kind of satisfaction, and nothing threatening ever happened to me! 
If oral and anal sex is a humiliating sex act, then I've willingly accepted being humiliated by lots of men!  But I also wear a dress and have low morals, so, maybe I'm just really confused.

Actually, I don’t think I’m confused at all!

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