Thursday, March 22, 2012


This topic was recently brought up during my good friend's English class.

It would seem that teaching students to emulate highly forward thinking people would be a good thing.  The fact these forward thinking people are inclusive and obviously popular would be a huge plus.  Advocacy, as a general subject, would be well served, teaching it would be wholesome, it would of course be the right-est thing to do. 

However, doing so as a formal teacher one could easily become a victim of the scholastic system.  Political Correctness knows no bounds and WHAT you advocate is just as important as WHY.
An example is that society, as is generally viewed, does not think favorably of queers or Cross Dressers regardless if they're male or female.  Ru Paul is excepted and the topic for another subject.

Dallas Denny wrote back in 1999, that we DO eat our leaders, one only need look to Wiki-leaks and the Occupy factions to see if this is a true statement or not.  Even the President of the United States gets blamed for everything from Katrina to Health Insurance, from unemployment to gas prices, regardless of party affiliation and regardless of actual control.

In the final analysts real and honest advocacy is not that much different from war, both have causes and motivations, both have outcomes, and both are quite violent.  Not everyone is equipped to be an advocate just like everyone can not be a soldier.

I, for one, hope to have Cross Dressing advocacy around for some time, for it is nice to have people provide an anchor for us.  Unfortunately, society may never change.

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