Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am half my father and half my mother

Growing up I was told by what I can only deem as somewhat surprised family members, that I looked much more like my mother than I did my father.  As I grew up I discovered I took on way more than just my mother's looks.  Thank you, mom, for giving me my hair, hips, and legs!

By most societal impressions, I'm gay.  However I see myself as a "femme" as opposed to a "flame", and I mean no slam or put-down toward flames!  As the expression goes, "Some of my best friends are flames!"

In keeping with my mother's gene input, my penis has been very tiny.  As a result of my being gay, older boys enjoyed making me stand before them naked and watching, and laughing, as I urinated over my testicles and it ran down my closed legs.  I wasn't hurt and I didn't judge them, but I saw them as just being boys.  Today I dress as a woman.

I read somewhere that a person could have a casual thought, or dream, about being an anatomical male or female who has the mind set of the opposite sex.  That person could expresses that opposite fully, but only within the casual thought or dream.

Professional rhetoric states that a person could also "probably" live as a member of the opposite sex, either part-time or full-time, and seek to change his or her original sex through hormonal (HRT) or sex reassignment surgery (SRS).  While these things are absolutely legal, clinically they indicate a problem within that person.


It is my opinion that a person, sexually conflicted or otherwise, is NOT a clinical problem.  A cross sexed person does not need to be fixed, they need to be accepted!

The actual demand for HRT and SRS has been historically dependent upon the patient’s own knowledge of the availability of these expensive procedures, Google has only been a recent invention.  Most "conflicted" souls quietly saved up to go over seas.  The uncanny personal sense, and conviction, of having a cross-sexed mind in need of a matching body usually comes long before such knowledge of HRT and SRS is discovered.

Ergo, the conflict.
Typically, a transsexual learns about themselves during childhood and their feelings of belonging to the other sex is very real.  This leads to confusion in the beginning but thankfully levels out within the person in later years.  Today, he or she is sometimes referred to as gay, I was labeled a queer boy.

The idea for SRS becomes the ideal fix but the age for it varied.  It was parents who felt that age to be pre-pubertal or adolescence.  It may have been delayed until the person was in their young adulthood or early middle age.  The individualist obsession to act out on their sexual feelings without the benefit of HRT or SRS was postponed no longer.

Since their closets were filled with Lycra, Spandex, silks and nylons, it followed that falsies, heels, wigs, make up and mirrors made a surge in their lives.  Men would be next.

Public health statistics, in the United States anyway, do not include figures on sexual related problems, including the incidence of "natural" birth defects of the sex organs. 
Were these babies male or female?  Who had the inclination to care?

Voluntary registration of so-called "sex related problems" would fail today because of the social chastisement or potential penalties of self-disclosure.  Therefore, there are no honest estimates of the incidence of transsexualism. 

It is said that post-operative transsexuals in the United States now number in the thousands but certainly not in the tens of thousands.  To be more succinct, in a total United States population of over 220 million people the condition is not as common as most physicians might like to think.


It is also said that it's not so common, perhaps only 1 to 2 percent of the total population, that every physician should NOT expect to treat several cases in the course of his or her medical career.  Some doctors will actually see no cases and some will miss cases because the patient is too apprehensive (scared) to state his or her situation.

This sexual cross-over has gone on since before the Bible was written and it will continue to the end of time.  Calling the affected person a homo will not change things.

Why can't we all just get along?

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