Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just an FYI ....

For the most part it's a little publicized fact there are many males who are Trans-Sexual or Trans-Gender and some who cross dress.  It is said that I am a Transvestite, a Cross Dresser, and that I get a thrill from wearing female clothes and jacking myself off.  Allow me to say in my defense that while I enjoy wearing female clothes, I don't get a thrill!  That said, we are known in the alphabet-world as TS/TG/TV/CD respectively.  How society sees us, however, is another separate matter but still it all matters!  No matter what classification we fall under we're truly females on the inside regardless of the time or money we spend getting there.  How anyone feels is a very crucial matter to everyone.  Everyone!  We are humans after all.  It has only recently come to light in medical circles we may not all be "ill minded" persons or have a "mental deviation", which is a big plus in our favor!  Sadly, not many common folk listen or know what goes on in the medical world.  As a BTW, I also wish to say not all trans-persons are child-molesters in the making!

All that being said, it is sadly well known that most men who "think" or "feel" they're female hide behind the anonymity of the computer.  Why?  Because it's safe in here!  We need that safety because society at large doesn't "take" to us, they don't want us around.  One need only read of the many tranny deaths to see that.

Not liking us trannies goes for both cis men AND cis women!  It's been my experience that most married women, especially, simply don't care for any man wearing a dress and makeup.  Could it be they think we'll steal their men?  Maybe.  But even if we do we steal him it's for just a few scant minutes, he's still their man at the end of the day.  I think that notion is also shared by general society.  Why that is, is not so much my focus here but it does make us "perverts" feel the need to seek safety, the result is we hide!

Our inner feelings, which is opposed to many thoughts by the "straight" world, is not the result of any deep seated confusion about our sexuality or brought on through molestation from the outside, which is NEVER acceptable!  It still, however, causes some confusion on our part and most of us bloom late.  While certain boys, what I like to label as the truly adventurous, bloom early, late blooming men claim they didn't know they would feel so good toward another man while early blooming boys always say they did!  Young boys who strongly feel female are labeled queers, like I was, and all males to females make the claim they're mentally women trapped inside biological male bodies.  I know, cliche!  Wearing a dress and makeup just seemed very natural to me.

It's another falsehood that we may have actively "chosen" to become women simply because of a very good sexual experience we had with another male, that's not entirely true.  Because society sees us as queers it is thought we usually become NSA and wanton bitches or pedophiles.  Pedophilia is NEVER acceptable!  I wish to re-emphasize that point, NEVER!  I heartily disagree with those assessments and feel our lives are not a matter of choice but of drive.  Our self discovery, unfortunately because of how we're seen, causes us to say we look sexy but we're also usually on-line only.  Again, it's safe in here!

Most trans-persons, because of societal thought, spend great deals of time soliciting meetings on-line with other TS/TG/TV/CDs and some are looking just for "fun" and claim they want nothing more.  While we may have a heartfelt desire to suck a cock, some of us rarely show!  Sound familiar?

While on-line these male to females make outrageous claims to have sucked lots of cock when in fact they've probably never even seen another man's hard-on up close or held it in their hands, let alone sucked on it!  I don't mean to brag but I have!  It follows then that they probably have no idea what another man's semen tastes like either so, let me explain for the benefit of those "closet MTFs" and the uninitiated T-girls among us.  Semen takes on the flavor of what the man (called an admirer today) has recently eaten, or drank, and it has no real flavor of its own.  It's usually white in color regardless of who it comes from and it has a musky smell, it's only mildly salty, usually very thick, smooth, and slippery and kind of warm.  It can also be quite voluminous but not usually.  It's kind of like a room temperature egg.  In a word, it's manly!

Those of us cross dressing men who have been sexually active as females may also know how some admirers unload their semen.  It's interesting.  They do so in the exact same manner they would if with a GG!  Usually quite fast and sometimes borderline violent.  The fact you're a man dressed as a woman doesn't give you a pass to their gentleness, they're still men and you're a "kind" of woman!  The situation is akin to that of a dom verses a sub and, as a side note, most experienced MTF trannies know, as do most sexually active GGs, that while all men may be created equal, they don't remain that way.  That's especially true in the endowment department!

At the risk of coming across as totally crude allow me to expand here just a bit.  It's not always the size of the man that dictates his endowment.  You can't just look at a man and expect his penis to match, they don't always.  A man's penis comes in all sizes, just like his body.  Some are thin while others are thick and they're all different colors, different textures, different lengths, and different weights.  Most MTFs certainly don't remain the way they're born, so why would we expect a man to be any different?

IMO, men who have the desire to be a women but remain in hiding are simply scared because they're not very well experienced as females and suspect the size of the penises they may encounter could be very big.  Well, some are!  Most in fact.  They fear being hurt or throated, and to them I have only one thing to say:  Get over it, girls!  Men enjoy doing that to all woman trans or not!  In fact, the more they hurt you or choke you the bigger they see themselves!  And they enjoy seeing themselves as big!  Oh yeah, they like doing other things, too!  That may be due to control or to show superiority.

Anyway, so how is it possible to let someone know you wear a dress and are sexually cruising?  Well girls, in order to experience a man one has to not only dress the part, you must simply get out there!  No on-line games, no hook-ups.  You are still a real person but you happen to think you're a woman and you have feelings!  What is so hard to understand?

I dress like a whore because I labor under the impression it's a man's world.  I see my desire to be female as my true nature but being used as a female sex object is my sole reason for existing.  My sole purpose, if you will.  Not to brag but .. I've been hurt plenty of times by a man with a huge cock and choked on plenty of others but I expect that.  I think I'm supposed to because I "think" I'm a woman and I "know" he's a man!  You know what?  It works!  I'm not a brain surgeon or rocket scientist but I enjoy being a female and that's
not my reason to do what most GGs won't, I merely expect to be sexually abused every time I go out!

If a guy walks up to me and wonders out loud if I'm a real female or not, which is rare, I've found the simplest thing for me to do is admit to him up front what I am.  I merely whisper to him, "I'm a man in a dress and I love to suck cock."  That either gives him an easy out and lets him save face and walk away from me or it lets him tell me he already knew what I was.  In the case of him knowing about me it can become a huge turn-on for him.  BTW, doing that also limits the potential violence against me!  Let's face it, those who make the claims of being extremely sexy and NSA behind the anonymity of the computer, then don't show up, make it hard (no pun intended) for the rest of us.

Now-a-days, because of all the vitriol in this civil society against men wearing dresses and makeup, not to mention the "idea" of acting as a homosexual, I ask that you allow me space to tell you a little about myself as an introduction.  I apologize up front for the length of the post but details normally use lots of words and this "about me" is no exception.  I'll put that info up in a future posting.

Let me leave you with these facts in the meantime:  we will all become just so many particles of dust in the end and we can be killed through an STD or out-right by a stalker, all without the benefit of ever "knowing" a man.  To me that's sad!

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