Monday, July 8, 2013

Why do I chose to wear girl's shorts?

I'm asked by lots of men, women, and boys, this exact question every time I wear a pair of female short shorts.  I have no pat answer for them but I admit I love how they feel on me and like the looks they usually get!

Most women don't ask me anything, they'd never be that crude!  Some women are indifferent and just don't care.  Other women, probably wives, generally don't care for me wearing fitted female spandex short shorts but they don't usually say anything either.  They almost always look me over closely though, critically no doubt.  I can easily read the disgust or intolerance of me in their eyes!

Younger boys are intrigued by me and simply wish to talk with me about being gay.  Maybe they feel the same as I do and they're confused about their own sexuality?  I'm glad to talk with them!

Men, usually in a group, ask me point blank if I'm a "sissy" or a "bitch" or do I "suck cock"?  Am I a queer?  Do I "like" men?  It's not that they're interested in me!  At least that's the impression I get from them.  I usually don't answer those questions out loud and just walk away in silence.  I do give them a demure look and a walk which clearly says, "What do you think?"

However, that's usually enough to set someone off in the group!  The other men often restrain that man from beating me to within an inch of my life!  He's usually much bigger and stronger than I am so I don't have any delusions of what might happen.  I don't think he would be such a great threat on his own in a different venue, he's merely aggressive as most men, yet he feels he has to make a point to the group by beating me up!  It seems that will satisfy making his point to the group.  I'm usually told by the remaining men to just leave and reminded not to come back .. or else!

I'll leave the interpretation of "or else" to your imagination.

Such has been my life as a man who simply likes to wear well fitted female short shorts in public.  I don't wear heels, dresses or makeup in public much any more (I've gotten older!) and my female intimates (my unmentionables) are still worn daily but under my man-drabs!  I've been, sadly, put back in a closet of sorts.

Despite my experience with many insulting and dangerous occurrences I still shave and moisturize!  I also now carry a TASER for my protection!  So,why do I do like to wear female clothes?  I don't know, maybe I am just a queer, or on the other hand, maybe I'm more than that!


  1. i'm sorry you have gone through such bad encounters but i love how open and honest you are in this blog! i say if you love how the shorts look and feel, then more power to you!

  2. Sorry to take so long to reply but I haven't checked my blog in such a long time. I just wish to say Thanks!