In grade school some boys would follow me home and beat me up along the way, I told more than a few lies to my dad but was able to tell my mother the truth, we cried, she hugged me. 

One day, by accident, my true self was born!  I simply took the sucking choice as opposed to the beating option and I quickly discovered what boys and men really enjoy!  It wasn't all that bad and I'm NOT very brave!  I was told I ought to wear girl's clothes when doing 'it' since I was a sissy anyway and I've been hooked ever since!  I wore panties all through junior high school and high school and I've felt boys were the most natural thing for me.  I didn't care if boys noticed me or not.  The result, I actually became rather popular and I've been invited to plenty of parties in a hush-hush kind of way! 

Because of pressures from my father and societal norms, I went "straight" but it didn't last.  During my marriage I created children but I was living the big lie.  My mother knew about me and had more of a clue than the others did.  She didn't say a thing except that the marriage wouldn't last!

My wife came home early from a trip out west very unannounced and very unexpected, she saw me.  I was dressed and wearing extreme makeup trying desperately to give the impression of being very cheap and I'm sure I succeeded!  I might not have easily been mistaken for a street walking prostitute but I got pretty close!  The guy I was with at the time was sitting while I was in the perfect position.  He was only wearing my bright red lipstick and my saliva!

My steamed (read, p.o.ed) wife told the guys to put their drinks down and get out in no unclear terms.  The guy I was with said to my wife on his way out, she "should just leave me the f...k alone!"  He stopped very close to me and said in a very clear voice, he would call me later so I could finish what I started.  My only thought was, "This guy is all man!"

My wife and I watched them leave.  After they left, my wife looked me up and down as only a woman does, very critically.  She noticed the wet stains on my body-shirt, which was my favorite purple lace blouse, and said she didn't want to know what caused them!  Then she asked, "Why does a man do this for other men?"  I had no answer for her and just starred at the floor in silence.  As she stormed out of the living room she stopped and added, "You don't even make a good looking girl!" 

I've since learned that it is quite common, and even natural, for a genetic woman to say exactly that to a male to female tranny no matter what he looks like as a woman and I think that's especially true if the tranny is her hubby!  Nothing really new there.

She bought a complete new wardrobe and justified it by saying she couldn't be sure of which clothes of hers I might've worn during my cross dressing 'adventures'.  I grew tired of her badgering and assured her I had my own female wardrobe, including wigs!  She told me to show it to her and I foolishly did!  She burned all my female things in the bar-b-q as I stood by.  She also soon began accusing me of having "other men".  I simply couldn't change my spots and we ultimately got divorced.

I'm retired from the US Government and, not because she had the better lawyer, I'm on a rather limited income, she got most of it, imagine my surprise!  Despite my loss, I feel I'm more woman now!

Let me share this; at my age of 60 plus I have no desire to get SRS and have never felt the need for HRT.  I'm not sure if I'm lucky or if I'm just a natural.  I cum like a girl and think of my tiny penis as a really big clit.  I've had a vasectomy but DO wish to have my testicles totally removed because they no longer work and they often get in my way.

Today, because I don't pass all that well coupled with established negative thoughts of this polite society about cross dressers, I wear my entire "girly" ensemble under my man-drab street clothes.  Behind closed doors I'm a true 'femme' and I'm especially found of cuddling and kissing and know exactly where that leads.  I'm NOT a prude and far from innocent!

I've been accused by plenty of trans-persons, and a fair share of GGs, that I have low morals and lack self-respect.  While it's somewhat true, I feel I'm just a female in a male body (I know, cliche) however, I'm not so sure I'm good for anything other than sex!  I also enjoy the usual things like reading, visits to museums, photography, theaters, parks and walking around just window shopping in the city.  I will buy cute shoes when I see them, lmao!

If you wish to contact me, please do!  I go by the name Billie.