Thursday, July 18, 2013

A very confusing time indeed!

As a young boy I always felt I was just play-acting a boy role but knew in my heart of hearts I was different.  The first kiss I got from another boy told me, and confirmed, I was a natural femme!

I was always thought to be, by many others including my own family, a sissy and being made into a full sissy was very easy, but it was also very confusing for me.  As a result, I learned sucking cock was the most natural thing I could do and wearing a dress and makeup was only natural, too!

Giving my first blow job felt wrong and maybe kind of sinful, at first, but it simply became more natural and more addictive and it became a part of my life.  I felt that only real boys got these "things" from real girls!  What did I know?

I always felt kind of calm while giving blow jobs but, as they unloaded their semen in me, I became very confused about what I just did!  I was kind of surprised as their semen flooded my mouth and even just a bit embarrassed!  They usually told me to swallow it, I did as I was told but it was still very confusing.  I recall I rarely got a 'thank you' for my effort but I also never got more 'food for thought' than after it was done!  Today, I see wearing a dress and makeup and giving blow jobs as merely very natural and one very minor part of my being a total femme.  I'm also not so sure I'm gay!

I can't explain it, nor will I attempt to try, but I've never been happier or felt more natural than when I'm all dressed up.  Giving a guy a blow job merely becomes the icing on my femme cake!  Being naughty (which is largely dependent on who is!) just happens, it's a natural part of biology.  While my first full opened mouth, "wet" kiss from a boy confirmed I was a member of the "weaker sex", giving him a blow job made me feel extremely feminine and when he came he actually gave me validation of my being a female!

Who knows?  Perhaps I am a girl!

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