Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Quick Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From the DSM-4-TR

From one poster on Amazon:  Finally, someone recognizes that there are non-professionals who need to use the DSM IV-TR.  I am a family law attorney and have to deal with forensic psychological evaluations or psychological issues in my divorce cases, but I have no mental health training.

Honest and interesting.

From another:  My father was a psychologist.  Amateur diagnoses were the bane of his existence and professional misdiagnoses are just as dangerous.  I can see why.  I have been unable to recognize people I know from the vague descriptions in the literature.  It's totally irresponsible to lead people to believe that any layman can simply pick up the DSM and make diagnoses and recommend a course of therapy!

Insane, yet it happens!

Yet another comment about this book was, In the meantime, making diagnoses from the DSM is not only a physician's role it's his right!"

This comment causes me to offer, with no offense intended, apparently not that much is known about American mental health.  Again, no offense is intended, but clinicians who are not doctors but still learning students in colleges (lay-persons) are future psychologists, future social workers, future psychiatric nurse practitioners, etc., and all are taught to use the DSM for making diagnoses.  They are taught they have a responsibility to do so, which they do, then take that teaching as a "legal" right to recommend therapies!  This says a lot for inexperience and students of academia.

According to the ethics of the field, and in concert with my own opinions, to make mental health diagnoses, let alone prescribe or recommend therapies, according to the DSM and criteria contained within it, is a joke.  IMO, no one should use it because its methods are not "written in stone" and, in my further opinion, this book can be quite harmful!

Point in case, I've been asked hundreds of times by men who are married to give them  meaningless, albeit quickie, blow jobs while their wives are away, AND we should not talk about it, ever!  So, does that mean I have a mental illness and they're merely taking advantage of it?  Who is right and who is wrong?

I see myself as a person who loves to dress like a female, wear makeup, and love men in the one way I know best how!  But because I'm a known femme and oftentimes comply with requests, I have to ask myself, should I continue?  It's well known I'm a male to female transvestite and I thoroughly enjoy sucking men's cocks to climax, I also happen to be thought of as a sex-starved horny bitch by both these same men and their women!  Bottom line, I don't think I'm behaving badly as a woman and neither do my admirers!

Without question YOU should be allowed to be the kind of woman YOU want to be!

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