Sunday, June 30, 2013

A thought on Cross Dressing

While "surfing the web" I stumbled upon an article about cross dressers by Ellen Sherman and wanted to re-tell it.  It's really long so I didn't.  You can Google it.  It's about the 11 Misconceptions of Cross Dressers.

Ellen opens by saying every Fall, several hundred traditional husbands, fathers and businessmen come together in Provincetown for Fantasia Fair with parties, seminars and workshops exploring the thorny issue of how to buy the right wig and hide a 5 o'clock shadow with the foundation and blush-on.  Heterosexual married men from suburbia with families are among those who cross-dress.  What's going on?  Apparently cross dressing is a much more common practice than most people would imagine.

I thought it complimented the blog "Femulate" by Stana, Stana.  The bottom-line, speaking for myself, is you can't change a cross dresser's mind, they are the way they are, period!  Some know themselves to be honest to goodness women.  I know I do!

This information was originally published on 5/28/98, and can be viewed at;

It's lots of stuff you may already know and has many giant mental minds in it but despite that and its publication date, it hasn't changed anything in this civil and polite society for us.  We're still seen as lowly trannies for the most part.  Maybe that change will come soon, when 'soon' will be is any one's guess.

Just sayin'

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