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The NYC's mayor Bloomberg’s off-the-cuff comment on 1/27/2013, bewildered author writing profile on mayoral candidate Christine Quinn.  Mayor Bloomberg also had a couple of pointed comments on Quinn’s appearance, he said, 'Get rid of the gray and strap on some heels.'

He actually said that to her!

You can read more here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/s-inine-bloomberg-a-article-1.1249432#ixzz2JHv4AWeK

On Monday, Jan 28, 2013, MP Richard Graham said, 'Short skirts and high heels risk rape', well, that comment landed him in the dog house as well.

Amanda Perthen published a similar article in January and updated it on the 27th, but nothing was said to her about it!  Sounds a lot like politics to me.

Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester, sparked outrage for saying that women put themselves at risk of rape by dressing provocatively.  I would tend to agree with him and that's exactly why I do it, after all we're both genetic men.  We know them!

His comments also sparked outrage among various pro-women’s groups.  They insist that if a woman becomes a victim of a rape it is not because of her dress style.  I'm not sure I agree with them as it's also about where the girl is, what kind of environment she's in, who is going to be looking at her, and what they expect from her.  She has choices, as do I, and of course these comments only serve as validation for me!

Mr Graham, who in the past likened a night out in his constituency city of Gloucester, England, to "decadent Rome", said, 'A night out is about having fun without putting yourself at risk.  If you are a young woman on her own trying to walk back home through a park early in the morning in a tight, short skirt and high shoes, and there’s a predator ... or if you're blind drunk wearing those clothes, how able are you to get away?'

A very good point but I'd like to offer my thoughts to Mr Graham; I suspect not all females want to get away.  Some just want to have no direct responsibility for what happens, yet they still want it to happen!  As a T-girl, I know I do, but I must be very careful in order to survive.  That is what I call compromise and it means next to nothing in this society which interprets what it does to trannys as justifiable.

Mr Graham’s comments came just days after actress Joanna Lumley (a GG) said women should dress demurely to avoid being 'raped or robbed'.  Speaking at a Marks and Spencer campaign launch just last week, Ms Lumley said, 'Don’t look like trash, don’t get drunk, don’t be sick down your front, don’t break your heels and stagger about in the wrong clothes at midnight.  This is bad.'  Again, absolutely nothing was said about her comments!

Just as information, I don't get drunk out of my mind unless I'm at home!  I don't usually lie sick in the gutter and when it's down my front I'm usually not alone!  I also don't stagger about in the wrong clothes at midnight.  Without 100% certainty I can say I know pretty much what I'm doing.

Fury ensued again as Ab-Fab's Patsy (UK) warned that girls they are putting THEMSELVES at risk of rape.  And again, nothing was said or made of her comment, but she is a GG.

The corruption of a generation of our teachers has been linked to our daughters facing sexualisation as early as primary school, and the parents similar to Jon Bonet's parents don't cloud that thinking.  Madison Avenue also plays a part.  It is a little known fact that taking drugs or drinking heavily can affect a MAN's performance in the bedroom for years.  A study was done to establish this last "fact" and my question firstly is, who cares, and secondly, why was it done?

I believe I'm seeing a pattern here.  Do you?

Allow me to paraphrase Mr Graham, he said, I promise it is far better to look after yourself properly, i.e., don’t be sick in the gutter at midnight in a silly short dress with no money to get a taxi home because somebody might take advantage of you.  If they don't rape you, they’ll probably knock you on the head and rob you.'  And as we trannies know all too well, they may even kill you!

But the MP’s comments also provoked anger from charities.  Anger among pro-women's groups, who insist that if a woman becomes a victim of rape it is not because of her dress style.  A spokeswoman for the Gloucestershire Rape Crisis Centre said rape was the crime, not drunkenness, and that the offense was ‘stimulated by desire for power and to humiliate and degrade’.  Wow!  That sounds pretty good, I know I would willingly accept it!

While I agree about ".. whether you are drunk.', I heartily disagree with the idea 'It’s got nothing to do with how you are dressed,'  I dress the way I do BECAUSE of the fact men take notice!  Jo Wood, a trustee of Rape Crisis of England and Wales, said, 'These comments have set us back about 100 years.  It doesn’t matter if you are off your face and lying naked on a bench, the man simply takes it upon himself to rape you.  We should be about putting the blame back on the perpetrators.’

Vivienne Hayes, of the Women’s Resource Centre, added, 'Such comments frighteningly normal-ise victim-blaming.  They reallocate blame from the perpetrator to the victim.  The problem is not female vulnerability but a macho culture which produces the notion of male entitlement.  We have fostered a culture which consistently fails women through disbelief, victim-blaming, and failure to investigate.'

That is more obvious with regard to T-girls in the US.  The incidence of rape is simply down played because you're a man wearing a dress.  After being looked over by a policeman, I've been told I was probably asking for it!

Chief Inspector Richard Burge, of Gloucestershire Police, agreed being drunk could put people at risk.  He said, 'We would appeal to everyone not to drink so much that you don’t know what’s happening.  Excessive alcohol can make you vulnerable, so, stay with friends and if you are with a friend, try to look out for them too.'

I agree with the Chief Inspector, it fits pretty well for trannys as well.

On a related note, a Liberal party Democrat (male) MP, who sparked outrage for saying ‘the Jews had not learned from the murder of six million in the Holocaust' apologized just last night.  Bradford MP David Ward said he was sorry for any 'unintended offense' in his comments.  No protest has been noted by any women's groups, nor any Jewish ones!

It isn't a shit storm, it's the truth.  A woman should be free to dress as she wishes and our courts should sentence rapist scum-bags, not let them off because the girl was really a boy.  How far out of touch are these judges anyway?

I dress like a tramp and behave badly, I show my panties to every man every time I sit, but I do not ASK to be raped!  Maybe I do, I don't think so.

Let me pose these questions;  If I have nice things in my house and leave them unattended when I go out, do I "deserve" to be burgled?  If I have a nice car am I asking for it to be broken into and robbed?  It's pretty well known if I have money hanging out of my back pocket, I'm going to attract thieves.  Similarly, the same can be said for wearing short skirts and highheels except the kind of person you'll attract simply wants to fuck you.  If you want to be a woman but don't want to be fucked, don't wear short skirts and highheels!  Simple.

I, for one, think what I wear tells every man about me, with just one simple look he can tell that I'm a whore.  But he might not know if I'm a man or a woman and to learn that he must approach me and speak with me, then he'll know!  I know rape shouldn't happen but the stats point to the fact it does.  The above info is right and, in more ways than one all Mr Graham did was state the obvious.  For that he paid!

What I've noticed is that most young woman (GGs) give the appearance of having little self respect and they dress in a very provocative manner.  I merely do the same things as them!  I'm sure being pretty and having a lovely personality, not to mention a real vag, there is absolutely no need to "let it all hang out" unless of course they wish to attract someone for sex.  They are my real competition for cock.

Keep in mind what this civil society is all about.  I'm a T-woman and while I think all those people above have valid points, they are saying to women, 'Don't get yourself in silly situations.'  That in itself is not sexist, it's merely sensible, and it's good advice for any T-woman as well!

Let me close by saying this, here are a few facts as I've seen them.  We have young ladies in a male dominated society out on the town dressed in as little as possible, sexily exposed and in all probability, hoping a man is looking.  This young woman gets smashed out of her head and lets this guy take her.  Which brings me to the artificially hormone filled males, which I won't even go into except to ask how many hours do you need a hard-on to last?  Very horny men looking at what they see as a smorgasbord of female temptation and while she may or may not complain, rape happens.

I love all women and think the female form is to be admired.  Being gay and choosing to be a mtf trans I think I'm merely copying real women.

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