Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The woman you want to be

Baby it's cold outside, so I hope you have a long insulated coat to keep you warm!

I recently read a story which outlines the devastation of genetic females around the world who are impacted by this sluggish economy and it was produced by none other than the World Bank which met, and is funded in part by, the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  IMO, they are both players and they caused the economy to become sluggish in the first place!  They're like two solidly entrenched Boy's Clubs despite being headed up by genetic women who make obscene salaries.  Those women can easily be viewed as mere window dressing for these manly organizations.

But, I'm off my soapbox.

You can read the article here, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21088042
and this kind of goes along here, http://news.yahoo.com/world-bank-cuts-growth-outlook-advanced-nations-drag-012205192--business.html

To paraphrase George Carlin, (I know that Carlin reference dates me!) "Men are waving their dicks at each other!"  So my question is, what does it matter if I suck on them?  Who am I hurting?  Doing that often times equates to money via tips and I'm told I have little self respect and very loose and low morals anyway!  I would disagree.

I accept I'm a gay man and enjoy being a T-girl but I have very little to no resource.  I merely rely on men to support my chosen lifestyle and here's a news-flash for ya; more of them support it than not!  It's refreshing to think that by simply sucking cock (which I happen to feel is my proper place and quite natural) is a better choice for me than not.

I don't know about you, but I find safety in T-friendly places and used to hang out around very dimly lit trucks and walk around dimly lit rest areas.  I've been threatened by many "working" girls and dragged off into the bushes and beaten up for my efforts, by real girls!  They yell at me that I don't have a vagina like them so I can't get pregnant, I tell them I simply grave what only men have!  They tell me I'm disgusting.  In truth, I don't have to have my ass kicked very often to learn my lesson.

Julia Sorel said in her book, See How She Runs, “If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.”  I agree!

Sounds like a pretty good reason for a safe LTR.  Would YOU like a "safe" LTR? 

Well, I've had a few so allow me to set the scene.  Imagine being told every night which waist cincher or corset you should wear, which nylon stockings, which panties, and which heels to wear to bed.  All the while knowing your man is more likely than not going to scream that you "take it all, bitch!" when you finally bring him to climax.  Every night!  I simply say doing the same man gets real old, real fast!  BTW, it does happen, just ask a GG wife!

I really don't mean to include every man in this set-up, but he also probably knows very little about the medical status of the man he wants to watch you perform with, and they usually want to watch us T-girls perform!  So, suppose you add into this mix the idea you don't pass well in this finicky and just society?  Well, society being what it is, I would simply suggest dressing and performing behind closed doors.  Nothing wrong in doing that!  I stayed in my closet hid for a long time and did it!

The way I see it, I could catch an STD, or a life ending disease eventually, no matter which course I choose.  I could also get beaten to death or shot just by being a T-girl and we all know that happens as evidenced by the ever growing lists of "tranny" murders.  Who follows up?

Being me just allows me to be me.  I know I'm a naughty T-girl but it's on my terms and, since I prefer to go bare-back, I don't even think about the men being medically clean, every man can lie!  Oh that's right, I can take him to court and make him pay!  But then that doesn't take the AIDS away from me, that's mine to keep for the rest of my life, regardless of how brief.

I also don't worry about dates being discrete, what we do and who else knows it simply carries no weight at all as far as I'm concerned.  We allow plenty of facial close-up pictures, which are quite graphic and posted on the web, and we also know most guys will tell other guys every detail of how they conquered us.  Every detail!  It's a macho thing.

It may not be as safe as working at Mickey Dee's (as if a lunatic can't be in there!) but my idea can be way more lucrative!  Not to mention it's not as hard for nearly as long!  (pun intended!)  Just be nice!

Be the kind of woman YOU want to be!

Please leave a comment, I'm very interested in your opinions.


  1. I'm a total closet sissy fag. It's not that I haven't tried and enjoyed sucking cock and going to t girl clubs, it's just I think I like masturbating in private better. The fantasy worlds created here and the porn sites exceed reality. Less pressure and as I get older I'm less passable anyway. To me nothing better than a nice pair of sticky panties all for me and by me.

  2. I would certainly have to agree about fantasies. As for porn sites, for the most part, they really do exceed reality! Thanks for the comment, Sissy Slut Michelle.