Friday, December 21, 2012

T-girls and makeup

Certain T-girls seek out admirers for sex, I'm one and I know it.  I know I'm gay and I know I have a strong desire to have sex with a man, cross dressing merely helps me.  I also know I need all the help I can get, so, I rely on plenty of makeup and dressing very provocatively.

Anyone, T-girls included, can look absolutely beautiful just by taking proper care of their skin.  I'm  proof.  My advice is that T-girls should go lightly on the Sun exposure and be sure to use great moisturizers!  Healthy skin is simply the most beautiful skin there is.  Of course you know you're beautiful just the way you are but with these two simple tips in mind, you're even more ready to go!

A girl's mother also tells her daughter (GG) the same thing, she is beautiful just the way she is, but for a T-girl it seems to come only from a more distant relative or an unknown admirer.  I guess separation apparently has its value.  I can still remember things that were said to me as a gay boy as I bloomed into a transvestite in San Francisco.  My aunts and I put lots of weight into what was said about me by my own Mother.  Bless her.

At the risk of coming across as shallow, Snookie, of Jersey Shore fame, twitted she was not wearing makeup one day.  I have to admit the first thought in my mind was "who cares"?  I know I didn't!  The idea of T-girls being interested is not so surprising to me, especially when it's a look at a biological and genetic woman.  We T-girls are particularly driven to make comparisons between ourselves and real women all the time, and I, as just one type of T-girl, would absolutely hate to come up short when viewed by a perspective or potential admirer.

IMHO, a little too much makeup makes a T-girl like me shout she's available.  While playing dress up is fine it's only one part of the total image, actions also play a huge roll and so does makeup!  All "real life" T-girls aren't usually bad about wearing makeup, they do just fine for the most part.  Wearing "too much" simply has the up-side of free advertising as far as I'm concerned!

All GGs and real women go through this phase as well, and I bet some guys do, too, although that may be to a lesser extent.  I remember going through it as I  learned I was a femme gay and began wearing female clothes.  I no longer suffer this phase, I know what I am.

As far back as high school I used to have to have makeup on every single day or I would simply not go to school.  I have one memory that stands out in my mind in particular, I started out going to school but had to turn back.  I suddenly realized I had completely forgotten to put on any makeup!  I was actually shocked.  As I look back now, I ask myself what in the world was I thinking or, more importantly, was I thinking at all?

Why was it so important for me to be wearing makeup?  Who would care?  The answer of course was a certain group of boys and ME!  I realize the boys were just another part of my femme growing pains but they're ones I really learned the most from, I needed them to grow.

Snookie has beautifully soulful brown eyes (like me) but for me to achieve the same kind of eyes I need layers of gunk and false eyelashes.  Add to that all kinds of beard cover bronzer and I get that "natural" pretty coppery look!  I know I'm a "fake" woman rather than a natural, after all, I am a fake woman rather than a natural one.

But what if all adults told T-girls we were beautiful just the way we are?  Well, I say why not just tell us that!  Say it often enough and we will believe you!  Most T-girls will even thank you for it.   Maybe then as T-girls we would also be quick to embrace the strange idea of being a real girl!  But this society is not going to do that any time soon.

Getting back to reality, one tip I wish to share with every T-girl is that if you plan to travel, say to a hotel or motel, a well organized makeup kit will be your best companion.  A simple, well stocked case can be used and easily carried into any location for that special event.  You may even add super-value!

I strongly feel the need to say, read, read, read!  Test all brands for everything.  I've read someplace you should also have a few face charts to write down what makeup you use for a reference.  I recommend you also take plenty of  facial pictures to compliment those references.  Remember, don't be intimidated into thinking you need to merely have products from big makeup companies only, make your choices then use what you've learned.  Try to keep your makeup fresh and keep on learning!

Beauty is NOT so natural for even a real women but we all know it is glamorous, it's usually uplifting, and might just make the difference!  Make-overs can also be life changing experiences for most.  I hope you've gotten some ideas by reading these recommendations.  I want to close by saying every T-girl is beautiful just the way she is.

Please let me know what you think of my writing.

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  1. I like your writing. I admit, i think I would be a bit uncomfortable if I met you in person -- maybe not; not sure -- but your writing, your thoughts -- I like those. I find them interesting and insightful.