Thursday, December 20, 2012

As I put on my day-dress

It's becoming very accepted to express personal sexual preferences these days.  As you may or may not know my preferences include wearing a dress and makeup then allowing myself to get picked up so I can behave very naughty while being very NSA for very vulgar and demanding men .. without question!  I'm sure that's just my need to be humiliated coming through.

Doing the "dirty deed" in private seems to workout best for everyone and, in order to remove any and all doubts about me, I confirm I'm a male to female cross dresser who is firmly a bottom gay homosexual.  I tell every potential "date" those facts well before we actually "do it".  I think that removes all doubts.

My close friends, despite the way I approach the issue, all tell me I have low morals and zero self-respect.  I happen to think my morals are exactly correct and my compass is precisely where it ought to be.  After all, I AM a cross dressing gay man and I simply "do it" for all other interested men regardless of their race, religion or endowment.  I do not discriminate and while I'm hoping for another LTR, I also do not wish to digress.

Most of my days (as opposed to my nights) are consumed by reading books, magazines, and periodicals.  I especially enjoy T-articles.  Wonder why that is, LOL!  I also like to think of myself as a writer.  I enjoy "personals" from all sides of the gender issue and I get most of my writing ideas through those same personals.  What I've noticed, however, is that a large and notable segment of women-looking-for-men (ISO) have what I can only call an impossible specification list about what a female expects from a guy.  While this "list of requirements" rarely makes me laugh out loud, it does make me smile.  I simply wonder how a man can possibly meet all the obligations put on him by a woman who is a stranger to him?

I also wonder if these women bother to ask themselves before posting;  Do they really want a nice guy?  Might they be locked into a fantasy, ergo the wish list?  Do they want a guy with a gigantic cock who is also a heavy cumer?  And do they want him forever?

I know I would absolutely love a man fitting that last description!  Ouch!

IMHO, these demands show me a kind of rigidity and a tendency to lack any compromise.  This happens during face to face meetings as well and almost always spells defeat.  It's exactly the same for my selective T-girl friends.  It is because of these unrealistic demands that most T-girls do not get a response from an honest, good, or decent guy in the first place.  I mean just imagine, what "other" thing could a "good" man possibly want from a female?  Care to venture a guess?

The likelihood of EVER getting a serious response from an honest, good, or decent guy is pretty slim.  That's because the guy might feel he's gonna come up short, or he has other issues like being married with children.  He simply moves on to the next available piece because he still wants to get off!  This single, specifically-specified, relationship is doomed to fail from the get-go unless it follows the purpose of the commonly accepted hook-up but that's not likely.

As an FYI, an LTR seems more likely in today's society so long as it's kept private.  I do not kiss and tell and do not recommend anyone else to either!

It's been my experience that most GG's, along with a few T-girl friends of mine, constantly re-define what they expect from a man.  For his part, the guy ends up thinking he is expected to constantly guess what those expectations were.  Many types of woman never stop re-defining their expectations or changing their old ones to be far different from what they originally defined them to be!  The result:  the man, doing the best and right thing, ends up with a ball and chain which lasts as long as he allows it.  Until he eventually gets fed-up with her and goes elsewhere, he feels both obligated and stuck.

That stuck-ness is my cue, that's where I fit in!  I'm cheaply adorned and he has singled me out for a meaningless moment of sexual release.  I can accept that.  As a side note, however, perhaps he has something against his wife, ergo, his sex may be kinda violent in its own way, so I need to accept that as well.  If the shoe fits, wear it!  I do!  I merely accommodate him.

I have no intention to offend anyone by writing this, I simply found an article on-line and reflected on it as I put on my dress and poured my morning coffee.



  1. Merry Christmas to you from a new follower. Love your honesty. Kisses.

  2. Thank you, Sissy Michelle. I do my best.

    Merry Christmas right back to you and hope you have a safe and enjoyable New Year.