Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forgive me for being negative

Great intention for Emily and Heather, they ought to be applauded for their efforts.  The article I'm talking about is "Occupying DC's Metropolitan Police Department" and was posted by them in the Huffington Post on 11/1/2011.

My attention was drawn to the article by Stana, who I enjoy reading and blogs under the Femulate banner on here.  I read the article and wish to beg for forgiveness for being negative, I may also simply be naive.  To be sure, I'm not holding my breath.

So, what can one expect from MPD?  Only 3 percent of the DC Metro Police currently attend "sensitivity training", and asking why clearly answers the question.  Because the courses are optional.

It's my opinion, however, that if the courses were made mandatory, as suggested in the article, even at some additional expenditure of tax dollars many cops will NOT heed what is being taught.  They will simply attend.  I strongly suspect the mandatory courses will merely become ticket punches on the way up the MPD ladder.

Before you deny what I say, know this, I was an instructor for the US military for almost 5 years and this exact thing happens in all branches all the time!  Well intended, solid, war fighting schools of various instruction are attended, but wasted, on selected people and it happens all the time.  Don't expect to be told by just anyone, you need to ask that certain person in the military to know that what I'm saying is correct.

Bottom line, society is made up of humans and these humans are very well aware of the negative manner we Trans-persons are treated.  I think Jesus Christ occupies my mind right now as its been human to just not care for a very long time.

I'm just very thankful for Nov 20th, it will always be International Transgender Day of Remembrance for me, and my prayers go out to those we've lost.  I've lost a few good friends, too.

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