Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just read this on the Huffington Post

According to the Huffington Post at least 30% of women walk down the aisle to marry Mr. Wrong and they know it beforehand!  This information was gathered from over 1000 divorced women.  Not one of which was still married.
Apparently, among GG’s, it is thought better to be married to the wrong guy than to be alone.  I find this notion interesting because it is also quite common within the trans community.  For any one seeking and hoping to land even a casual LTR this ought to sound eerily familiar.  I know it does to me!

I also happen to wonder if one of the causes for that particular train of thinking among GG's is due in part to the societal conditioning (or demand) for the birthing of children?  We all know society makes many demands on all of us and some of these demands are simply implied while others are made into laws.  Each demand is unique and some actually silly, yet, they're still made and we surely comply!

I’m a human and I like to think I'm a smart human, as I grew up I paid close attention to my own social red flags and my own confused gut feelings about my own sexual orientation.  I knew I was born a male but I also knew I felt very female.  My result was that I became popular with certain boys for all the wrong reasons.

I’m sure there are those who can identify with the idea that any “special activities" were done in strict secrecy and some of these activities involved multiple boys.  They also involved other male body fluids.  I know I was one of the lucky ones, I didn't catch anything!

Speaking from another personal experience, a divorce is not easy even when YOU are the one serving the papers.  In my case it went the other way round and it was very expensive, very painful and it adversely affected me.  I completely lost my entire family but the children were spared the sordid details.

For we human animals, no matter how you slice it, living alone is a two edged sword.  On the one hand it can be its own reward and on the other it can be its own punishment.  In the end I guess that really depends on who you live with and how they treat you.

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