Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Being a girl

 11:10 AM

There are many, many men throughout the world who wish to be female but there are just as many who only wish to look like a female, both types are very different in their respective approach to men but they both live in the "closet".  Still, they have no clue as to why they feel the way they do.  I know because I lived my entire life growing up in such a closet!  I feel I'm Transgendered.  Lots of male to female (MTF) cross dressers I knew wanted to be female and most begin their female lives cross dressing at a very young age (pre-sex) and they think getting fucked in any way by a man is disgusting!  I cross dressed in private to express my feeling of being a girl but I don't know where my feelings to be a female came from!  I do know they were very strong and I was attracted to boys much more than girls!  With boys I was "made" to do things for them as a girl (but I was quite willing) but with girls I just felt like a friend.

Will wonders never cease?

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