Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hooked on being a woman

Yes, like the title says; it's very easy to become hooked on being a woman.

I was motivated to write this because I read Jamiesgotagun blog.

Being a "fake" woman has been my only solution to me and it happens that I love it!  Being that fake woman means I can get most men to look at me, they love to look at me!  A choice few will hit home runs and get to fuck me.  Full of myself, I know.

That said, I'm a slut all the time and I have only two out of three things a GG has, if I'm asked I always tell him what I am and I offer both to him for free!

The "lucky" men (the admirers) usually make a seminal deposit in or on me and I'm always very weak when they're done with me.  As a side note I simply love that feeling!  A few leave money for me which I see as a tip and it's my opinion they're treating me exactly like a real woman!  I simply allow them to sexually use me and they simply pay for my make-up, dry cleaning and jewelry.  Simple!

Noteworthy is the idea that most men still think they own a woman and they see most women as prostitutes anyway.  Being a male to female cross dresser who's gay, I merely fill a niche.

Nothing is free in life and absolutely nothing is going to happen in this world without human involvement.  What happens to me as a female is simply way more important to me than any worldly affair.  A human life is way too cheap and a lifetime is way too short!  Guess that last notion makes me a bitch, too.  As far as I'm concerned, however, I'm in a win-win situation!

It's my opinion that honest love is long past and a mystery at best, ergo, I present as a modern day slut.  It seems to be easier to understand; a man looks at me and maybe he gets lucky enough to fuck me.  I am a genuine "tranny" after all and I'm sure I'll die eventually.  Perhaps it will be from being killed (that happens way too often in this polite society) or AIDS, the cure for that is not coming any time soon!

C'est le vie, c'est le gerre!

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