Saturday, June 23, 2012

I saw this article and it may help explain me...

As most of you know, I'm a male to female cross dresser and I enjoy having sex with men, I'm gay.  As I read this article about Charity Sex I originally thought Heidi might be a T-girl, too!  She's not, however, I Googled her.

The fact is, I've actually done Charity Sex for a very long time.  In fact, it is because of Charity Sex I didn't get beat-up as often as many other boys and it was instrumental in how I came to obtain my low morals. 

Over my cross dressing and queer career, I've come to learn one thing about most every man; they usually want quickie NSA sex from an unknown bitch or slut.  The men I've performed for told me they prefer I "look" exactly that way.  Apparently, they're not too particular what gives them their release, it just has to look like a woman.  It can be so-so at sucking cock so long as it does that without question.

I prefer dark and private places and highly recommend deserted parking lots and parked cars!

Because I'm gay I've learned that men, almost all men, have enormous dicks.  They make behaving like a naughty woman a challenge.  Ironically, they also believe that they are allowing a woman to have sex with them.

I feel it's really a gift you not only give to your partner, you give to yourself. 

One night I heard a loud party going on above me.  So, I turned off the TV, listened, and decided to join the party and hoped to take one (or three!) for the team.  I didn't head into my bedroom or get sexy, I went upstairs and offered oral sex to every man who wanted it.  And you know what?  I was actually pretty busy for some time!  They were letting a porn movie run in the background but weren't really watching it, they were sitting on the sofa watching me suck cock!

I used to think I did it because the guy was feeling down or a blow job merely gave him a boost and I was a queer.  I quickly learned I especially enjoyed doing it because it's been days, weeks, or even months without him having any sex at all and I absolutely, without question, love his climax!

I feel oral sex is not only for him but it's also for me.  I care less if he's fresh from the shower or tastes like piss, he's all wound up and "wants" it while I simply enjoy it!  Fortunately, there's nothing like a little free-bee oral sex to help lift a horny man out of that wasteland of a "routine" rut.  I merely put myself in a questionable position and wear obviously short dresses!

I make it a habit to never confuse charity sex with pity sex.  You may or may not know they're nothing alike.  Pity sex is .. well, just pity.  This kind of sex leaves me a little resentful because I'm told I "have to" do it.  Charity sex on the other hand, is something you voluntarilly want to do.  I think of it like this: Pity sex is about me being forced to check sex off my to-do list, while Charity sex is all about a win-win situation with a man!  And who knows where that might lead?

Yes, I know, some will say; Why have sex if you're only getting him off?

Well, for starters, I enjoy it!  I also know I speak for myself when I say, making my orgasm a goal puts a lot of needless pressure on both of us.  Being gay, having low morals and being a male to female cross dresser is what I am.  I never worry about my orgasm, I simply focus on his. 

I hear the endearing sounds he makes and the taste of his ejaculate confirms my accomplishment.  All his actions are merely responses to my womanly wiles.  I do my best to enjoy the entire process while I'm allowed to be his personal he/she cock-sucking bitch and I get to experience everything about the experience.  His cumming might take a long time but I know he'll eventually cum, it's only physical, it's biology.

The destination is usually never thought of as more important than the journey, but it is an important step.  If one path doesn't get you to where you want to be, try another!  Boys did that for me.  Forcing yourself to go through the motions of giving multiple blow jobs can actually lead to you getting more things.  It works!

With most sex you may not feel you're in the mood but if you wait for the desire to arrive you could be waiting for a very long time.  Instead, why not take the initiative?  I know I'm a T-girl and I know life is simply too short, adopting low morals ought to be a plus!

In closing, I recommend every T-girl has the blessing of sex, especially oral, but by all means forget about your orgasm and forget the big tips.  You know you simply passed his examination because you can taste it.  If you do get a nice tip, good for you! 

Remember, it's charity.

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