Saturday, May 28, 2011

An innocent conversation

As a Transvestite some things about me truly are fake but EVERYTHING about me is NOT! 

In all fairness I do certain things which can be called fake but they’re not much different from anything a real woman might do. In my opinion the things I do simply make me look more attractive and more womanly.

I wear make-up. I shave my beard then apply a beard cover and I shave my eyebrows. A really good foundation, three shades of eye make up, blush, bright lipstick, false lashes and a nice wig and my face is complete. I regularly wear false nails, jewelry and perfume.

For clothes, I wear heavily padded bras with falsies, heavily boned corsets to make my waist smaller and modified padded curve enhancing panties under my modified pantyhose. I wear tight slips, sheer pantyhose and contrasting colored panties on the outside of my pantyhose so men can see them. I like high-high heels and my dress or skirt is almost always too short.

Whenever I go out, either as a man or a woman, I do my absolute best to look as sexy as possible. I’m hoping some guy picks me up for a couple hours of wanton “fun” and I promise not to whine!

While everything about me externally can be said to be fake what I feel in my heart can not!

I have an impassioned love for men and have felt it since I was 9 years old! I can not explain it, I just know these feelings are deeply seated within me. Call me crazy but I simply live to please a man. 

I don’t believe I can help myself! How about you? Are we so different?

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