Saturday, May 21, 2011

I forget the link or I’d post it for you

I recently read an article on-line someplace, like I said, I forget the link or I’d post it for you, which made me think about conversations I had with real women and fellatio and anal sex.  When I think back on those conversations they were fraught with conflict and almost bordered on hostility.

Could it be that real women willingly accept me simply because I’m not a real man?

Wow!  Another question to ponder!

The conversations took place of course because I’ve never understood how almost all real woman can say it's OK for a man to be gay, yet, they balk at their own man who wants a little anal sex.  So I asked them, what’s a GG’s preference?  They told me they only did it because he wanted it and they said they used that particular sex act, without mentioning it directly, as a means to get something in exchange later.  I thought, pretty sneaky!

That made me wonder.  Did he want to make anal sex part of a routine sex schedule?  Maybe he did but she didn’t!  It certainly explains to me why we T-girls seem to meet so many married men.  They thoroughly enjoy anal sex but they don’t get it at home!

Many GG's have told me, from their perspective, they view anal sex as merely a form of birth control.  Most women do not do it.  They admit to using their mouths, which some have claimed is done as much as three times per day!  They almost all said they do not like doing anal or giving head as a substitute for sex.

Speaking for myself, giving some guy a blow job three times a day might be great, but giving three different guys blow jobs in the course of a single day would be my idea of living in pure heaven!

With regard to homosexuals, both male and female, GG’s have told me that gay females can simply use a dildo to sexually satisfy their partner using her vagina.  They also told me, laughingly, that if they were gay they’d use the double ended kinds!  I guess most GG’s are not so different from the rest of us!

They've also told me they feel sorry for a gay man like me because we’re limited.  We male gays seem to be relegated to use what we have, which is our mouths and our anuses.  Personally, I think two out of three ain’t bad!  In many ways I was kind of offended.

My questions then, is anal or oral sex a humiliating sex act?  Tells me it's not.

As a closeted T-girl, I especially don't think it is.  I’ve done a few orals and took it in my back-side a few times while in front of large, bare, apartment window, knowing we were being watched via telescopes.  I did it simply because he said he wanted me to do it that way.  When it was done in full view of neighbors they usually just watched, never did they question us. 

No matter, because it merely gave me the usual and customary semen which I see as a kind of therapy and nothing odd or threatening ever happened to either of us!
If oral or anal sex is a humiliating sex act then I've been humiliated by lots of men over my life time!  But I also wear a dress, so, maybe I'm just really confused.

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