Sunday, June 28, 2015


There are more than just a few people (both cis-men and cis-women) who say men like me are merely confused.  I MUST be gay because I let men fuck me and I like wearing women's clothes.  Thanks for that mind-set goes to Madison Avenue and the socialization process!  Apparently we've all taken the training well!

I enjoyed wearing women's clothes at a very young age and Cross Dressed although I don't know why.  Perhaps I just "thought" I was a female or it was the fact I grew up in a "liberal" city, San Francisco.  What I know was that as soon as I put female clothes on I was strongly attracted to them.  I grew to absolutely love their tightness not to mention the shoes!  As I matured I put on some makeup and the moment I saw "me" reflected in a mirror I knew I was born to be female!  I was a woman for all practical purposes and intense.  I was immediately convinced!

I know there's more to being a woman than just getting fucked but it's now a kind of badge of honor for me to get fucked.  It may be said that I'm just a queer because of my desire to have sex with men but my wearing a dress does not just mark me as a "femme", I simply enjoy sex with men!  I still don’t have a clue as to why I enjoy acting like a female but who really knows?  I say, who really cares?  Just get over it!  I merely do what most genetic girls (GG) of this world do for most cis-males in private anyway!  Does sucking a man or boy's cock mean I'm a queer or a girl?  Whatever!  Life really is too short to be concerned about the many "whys" and many smarter people than me already wrote about that stuff!  I merely have a public education.

It is through my "desired" sexual preference for men, who've used me (or abused me!) as a woman, that I've gotten another unique impression.  I've gathered men, most men both "straight" or gay, in this polite society do not wish to make babies!  To me, at least that justifies the need for me to be a bottom!  It's obvious to everyone I can't pro-create!  Being a queer could be my honest role but I'm still seen as a trans-woman by society in general because of my choice of dress.  While I say 'whatever' I also know the murder rates of trans-gendered women keeps on going!  Why is that so do you suppose?  Why doesn't this society simply allow men who don't wish to create babies hook-up with transgendered women?  The men who "think" they're women (like me) and are willing to behave like a woman (like me) can't procreate in the first place and we're willing to let men fuck us!  So what's all the fuse about?  True, all MTF trannies aren't looking to get fucked by a man but I'm citing the many MTF's (like me) who do.  So again I ask, why is that not possible?  In a word, it has nothing to do with "passing" (and to be honest some of us don't!) but it has everything to do with the socialization process.  I simply enjoy looking sexy as a woman (I'm a femme) and I want men, all men, to want me.  Period!  Perhaps there's a good reason why things are the way they are but I don't buy it!  In order to address the murder issue in another way perhaps it is because of the ability to pass so well that many MTF Cross Dressers have naturally.  IMO it's the unspoken lie a "fake" woman allows a real man to believe long before they copulate.

Allow me to share.  Speaking for myself, I have testicles and a dick (although small!) and present myself as a woman, therefor, I think of myself as a "fake"!  I believe I'm "fake" only because I need falsies to enhance my breasts, I need a waist cincher to enhance my waist, I use makeup to make me look like a woman and my hips lack!  In short, it takes more than a little effort to make me a woman but the facts are what they are!  Perhaps I am a queer but I'm no molester!

But what-ever!

IMHO, no one enjoys admitting they made a mistake and that is especially true when it comes to a sex partner!  When a man passes as a woman 24/7 well, it can lead to confusion!  Not for the man in the dress but for the "true man" involved.  I seriously doubt anybody likes that and the lie simply leads to other things, like murder.  Not many people enjoy being lied to.  To avoid this confusion (and the subsequent murder) I tell all men who are interested in me up-front that I'm a boy or a man in a dress (I do dress to attract men!) and surprisingly most tell me they know what I am and they're still interested despite the fact I just told them I'm a "fake"!  IMO, they desperately want to fuck something and I merely represent that something!  Some of the people who say that I have "low morals" are gay men but it's especially cis-women who are significant others or wives!  I guess that's true of course, but again I say, so what?  I know I get lots of "dates"!

Most men I've met have large "man dicks" (including cross dressed transvestites) and most women have smaller dicks called clitorises and they also have a vagina and all the associated plumbing, I have neither.  That's simple biology and a fact again.  Women (genetic women) can catch an STD from any man the same as I can but the main difference between a real woman and me is they can become pregnant and I can't!  Every man who becomes a "date" of mine, including the men who pick me up as I window shop, knows that about me immediately because I tell them, I'm a "fake"!  It's simply amazing to me to think men of all kinds (straight and otherwise) still want a meaningless blow job or to have sex with me!  So what does that say about this civil society?

Also noteworthy, the same as a genetic woman, "dates" I do get do not want to be seen talking with me afterward so while his large cock may hurt my "man-pussy" or it chokes me, I still want to be a woman!  Who knows what that says!  Maybe after all is said and done I'm not Trans at all, I am just a queer who wears a dress!  Again I say, so what, what diff does it make?  Life's too sort to dwell on all the whys and wherefores, I have a brief time to live my life!

Nike has a saying, "Just do it!", I recommend you follow that advice and you won't be sorry you did!

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